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We maintain, overhaul, and undertake complex repairs on most General Aviation Aircraft below 5700Kg that are not used for Commercial Air Transport and which have an EASA approved type certificate. This ranges from simple ad hoc defect rectification, 50 hour checks, complex structural repairs, to Annual Inspections.

We have recently secured CAA approvalan to maintain non EASA types, called Annex 2 ( Historic) Aircraft.

We also maintain a wide range of FAA or “N” registered American Aircraft and have our own in house FAA approved IA.

We also repair and overhaul mainy components from hoses and magnetos to cylinders.

We undertake avionic repairs, modifications and new installations, again using our own in house Avionic Engineer

EASA Part M subpart F G & I APPROVAL ( UK MF 008 & UK MG 0523)

E-Plane Ltd is approved to maintain and undertake Airworthiness Reviews & ARC Issues or Extensions for the following Aircraft as at 1/4/2013

EASA Part M subpart  F & G Maintenance and CAMO Approval

( UK MF 008 & UK MG O523)

Aeroplane Type (as detailed on Type Certificate)

 Annex 1              
Engine Type(s) Aeroplane Manufacturer (as detailed on Type Certificate)
American Champion single piston engine series Lycoming/Continental American Champion Aircraft
APEX Aircraft (ALPHA) (ROBIN) single engine piston series Lycoming/Continental APEX/CEAPR
Bolkow BO 208/209 Lycoming/Continental Bolkow
Beagle B121 SERIES 1,2,3 Continental/Lycoming De Havilland Support
Beech Single engine piston series Lycoming/Continental Hawker Beechcraft Corp.
Beech Twin engine piston series Lycoming/Continental Hawker Beechcraft Corp.
Cessna single engine piston types Lycoming/Continental/Rotax/Jacobs Cessna Aircraft/Rheims
Cessna Twin Engine Piston Types Continental Cessna Aircraft/Rheims
Commander 112 and 114 Lycoming/Continental Commander Premier AC Co
Comander 500/680/685/700 Lycoming/Continental Twin Commander AC Corp
Fuiji FA200 Lycoming Fuiji Heavy Industries
Gruman AA1/5 series Lycoming Tru Flight Holdings
Socata Gruman GA 7 Lycoming Socata EADS
Maule  series M4.M5,M6,MX-7 Lycoming/Continental/Franklin Maule Aerospace Technology
All Mooney M20B to M20S/ M22 Series, inc M20 Continental. Lycoming/Continental Mooney Aeroplane Company
Partenavia P64 & P66 Lycoming Vulcanair
Piper Single-Engine Piston types Lycoming/Continental/Thielert Piper Aircraft Corp.
Piper Twin Engine  Piston Types Lycoming/Continental Piper Aircraft Corp.
Socata single engine piston series Lycoming/Continental/Potez/Franklin Socata

Socata TBM700/850 Series

Maintenance only
PWC PT6 Socata

UK CAA A8-24 & A8-25 Approval AI/945/12 & CA.0002P

Aeroplane Type (as detailed on Type Certificate)

Annex 2             
Engine Type(s) Aeroplane Manufacturer (as detailed on Type Certificate)

Champion/Bellanca/Champion single piston engine, series 7

Lycoming/Continental American Champion Aircraft
Piper all single engine Lycoming/Continental Piper
Cessna all single engine Lycoming/Continental Cessna

EASA Part M subpart  F Component Approval ( UK MF 008 )

Schedule of Approval Scope

Capability List

B2 Engine Repair Cylinder repair Continental & Lycoming
C3 Comms and Nav Switches, filaments & connectors King, Narco, Garmin, Stec, PS Engineering, Airpath Compass, King FD 572 & DG102A & Mitchell AI 5000E4
C5 Electrical Power Sealed and dry charged lead acid battery capacity test, Alternator, generator  <3kw repair

Gill and Concord Batteries

Prestolite, Kelly Aerospace, Skytec, TCM
C6 Furnishings ELT Battery & Connectors Kannard 406 & Artex 406 series
C7 Engine Inspection, Overhaul & Repair Slick & Bendix Magnetos
C12 Hydraulic Hose assembly, repair & testing Aeroequip
C20 Structures A2  aircraft only. Riveted structure. All Aircraft listed, Repairs, Service Bulletins, ADs, Modifications


I am delighted to be able to let everyone know that Marcus Palmer, our CFI is recovering well and is expected to be able to resume flying in August. If you need to renew your EASA licence please let Christine know well in advance. NPPL licences can be renewed by Humphrey.

New C42 Microlight

The Sandtoft Flying School C42 has finally arrived at the distributers in the UK and is being fitted with its avionic equipment. It will have a full glass panel with backup analogue instruments, a Mode S Transponder and 8.3Khz Com. It is fitted with a ballistic parachute recovery system and uses Mogas.

Virtually unstallable and with a very low approach speed it will be an ideal learner platform. We will offer Microlight rental immediately and shortly afterwards Microlight training.

New Base at Sandtoft

We have opened a new base for aircraft maintenance at Sandtoft, which with its 4000' long tarmac runway will allow us to service faster aircraft.

Extended Approvals

The CAA have recently extended our BCAR approval to cover any single engine metal or wood Annex 2 Aircraft upto 5700Kg. This includes Light Sport aircraft, an application has been submitted for Microlight Group. This together with our Approval to issue National permits and Certificates of Validity means that we will be able to fully support all light aircraft from the smallest microlight upto Pressurised Piper P31P, Turbine TBM 750/850 and even Eclipse Jets ( latter N register only).

Flying Training at Sandtoft

We are working on out ATO approval, which will be extended to cover new capabilities.