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Cessna 172 - GBIHI

This 4 seat aircraft is based at Sandtoft, and is mainly used for local flights, and IMC training. It has just been upgraded with a Garmin 430W,and with its mode s transponder and with 2 Altimeters is appropriately equipped for local IFR flying and training.


Before hiring for the first time we ask that you undergo a check flight with one of our instructors. The flight will include some general handling, circuits, use of aircraft systems and emergency procedures.

If you have previously hired with us, a short check flight to verify currency may be required if you have not flown for a reasonable amount of time.

We regret that we cannot hire aircraft to license holders over the age of 80 for insurance purposes, without making a special arrangement, but we are more than happy for you to fly dual under the supervision of one of our instructors.

We carry full insurance, to the levels recommended by the CAA, but there is a £750 excess if there is an incident and it is the pilots fault.

Aircraft Availability (We plan to provide an On Line bookings service shortly) please call 01 406 540 461

Standard Rate Membership Rate
£130 rental
per hour inc vat & local landing fees
£99 rental
per hour inc vat & local landing fees. Annual membership £375


Cessna 150
Cessna 150
Cessna 152
Cessna 172
Cessna 337
Mooney M20F
Mooney M20E
Piper PA28
Piper PA34
I am delighted to be able to let everyone know that Marcus Palmer, our CFI is recovering well and is expected to be able to resume flying in August. If you need to renew your EASA licence please let Christine know well in advance. NPPL licences can be renewed by Humphrey.

New C42 Microlight

The Sandtoft Flying School C42 has finally arrived at the distributers in the UK and is being fitted with its avionic equipment. It will have a full glass panel with backup analogue instruments, a Mode S Transponder and 8.3Khz Com. It is fitted with a ballistic parachute recovery system and uses Mogas.

Virtually unstallable and with a very low approach speed it will be an ideal learner platform. We will offer Microlight rental immediately and shortly afterwards Microlight training.

New Base at Sandtoft

We have opened a new base for aircraft maintenance at Sandtoft, which with its 4000' long tarmac runway will allow us to service faster aircraft.

Extended Approvals

The CAA have recently extended our BCAR approval to cover any single engine metal or wood Annex 2 Aircraft upto 5700Kg. This includes Light Sport aircraft, an application has been submitted for Microlight Group. This together with our Approval to issue National permits and Certificates of Validity means that we will be able to fully support all light aircraft from the smallest microlight upto Pressurised Piper P31P, Turbine TBM 750/850 and even Eclipse Jets ( latter N register only).

Flying Training at Sandtoft

We are working on out ATO approval, which will be extended to cover new capabilities.