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What is a Trial Lesson?

Trial lessons are exactly as their name suggests. It is an opportunity for anyone who has ever wondered what it is like to fly, to have a go, and pilot a 2 seat light aircraft in the skies above Belton, Scunthorp, Goole and the Humber Bridge. For most people it’s a one off experience, for others it’s the start of an exciting new hobby (or occasionally a career change). Whatever your expectations, we think the trial lesson is the way to kick things off. It’s an opportunity to see whether flying really is for you, meet our instructors and see them in their working environment. Additionally, you can use the aero club facilities and maybe meet some of the pilots who fly from the airfield.

Trial Lesson Vouchers

You can purchase a trial lesson voucher for either a 30 minute lesson for £95.00 (incVAT) or a 60 minute lesson for £160.00 (inc VAT)in a 2 seat aircraft or a gyrocopter. A 4 seat aircraft is also available for £110.00 for 30 minutes and £180.00 for 60 minutes. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase to allow for the typically British weather. We must stress that you should not wait until the end of the validity period of the voucher before you make your booking because we cannot offer refunds beyond the expiry date.

We would also kindly suggest that anyone weighing over 15 stone, or in excess of 6 feet tall inform us when purchasing the voucher and booking the flight, as they will find it more comfortable to use a larger 4 seater aircraft.

To purchase a voucher contact the school on 01 427 872 034 or pay us a visit ( not available Mondays). We will be please to answer any questions you may have.

Questions and Answers

Q : Will it be bumpy?
A : We will let you know on the day if the weather is going to be suitable, if it is not the slot is cancelled. We will then re book you in for another day of your choice. There is no extra charge.

Q : Will I be able to control the aircraft ?
A : Yes, the Instructor will always take off and land the plane, but the rest of the time you will control the plane, learning to gently turn the aircraft, climb and descend.

Q : Do I need special clothes?
A: No, just a light jacket if it is cold. The Aircraft is heated but it may take a few minute to warm up in really cold weather.

Q : Can I fly over my house?
A : Yes if close by, and if you bring a camera you can take a picture, but this is incidental to the flight.

Q : Can I choose which day to fly?
A : Yes of course but please give us 2 weeks notice if it’s a a weekend

Q : Do I ned to bring a headset?
A: No, we will provide one.

Q : Can I bring a friend?
A : Yes, but you will need to book a 4 seat aircraft.

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